What is Thermage?

For patients who would like a non-invasive way to look younger, Thermage may be the answer. With Thermage, radiofrequency technology is used to heat the deeper layers of facial skin and stimulate the collagen within the skin to tighten, thus firming the surface skin. New collagen will also form, and in time the skin will take on a younger, firmer, more supple appearance. Wrinkled skin will correct itself and become smoother. Thermage also keeps the top layer of skin cool and intact. The instrument that is used for this procedure is called a ThermaCool TC. The patient may feel intense heat during the treatment, but there is no cutting of the skin and no injections. Thermage can also be used for sagging skin on other parts of the body, such as the stomach, arms and buttocks.

Benefits of Thermage

Thermage is a good way to have smoother, firmer skin without going through an invasive procedure. It is a beneficial treatment for patients who do not have badly wrinkled or sagging skin and just need a procedure to tighten up the skin and take care of mild sagging. Thermage has also been used in the treatment of acne.

Thermage FAQ

What is the Recovery Time of Thermage?

Recovery time for Thermage treatment is not as long as it would be for more invasive procedures. There may be some mild swelling and pain for a few days following the procedure.

Do I need Anesthesia for Thermage?

With Thermage treatment, an anesthetic cream will be used on the skin an hour before the procedure is to be done. Since the skin is not being cut, there is no need for any other type of anesthetic.

Is Thermage Safe?

When a qualified cosmetic surgeon performs the procedure, it is relatively safe for the patient, though every medical procedure can carry certain risks. The patient should always discuss possible risks and side effects with the surgeon before the treatment is to be done.

Do I need to Prepare for Thermage?

On the day of Thermage treatment, keep the area that is to be treated free of any skin creams or lotions. The surgeon will go over in detail all steps that should be followed to be properly prepared for the procedure.

How Long Does Thermage Last?

Thermage results can be long-lasting, up to two years, in some cases. It may take up to six months after the procedure has been done before the patient can fully appreciate the effects of Thermage treatment, although some patients will start to see results within weeks of the procedure having been performed.

Thermage with Dr. Vallecillos

Dr Glenn Vallecillos

Dr. Glenn Vallecillos is a board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills specializing in Thermage, Skin Lasers, Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck and more. Feel free to contact Dr. Vallecillos to ask any questions you have regarding Thermage. Dr. Vallecillos is an experienced Thermage surgeon and looks forward to serving as your plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.

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