Your face is your focal point, the veritable center of your beauty. Whether you wish to enhance a certain feature, correct an asymmetry or deformity, or reverse the signs of aging and environmental damage, the following procedures can help you to achieve these goals. Dr. Vallecillos is a recognized expert in facial rejuvenation, and will ensure that your results are as natural and beautiful as you are.

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Also known as a rhytidectomy, a facelift is a surgical procedure to tighten and restore the facial tissue.

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A mid-facelift is a modified facelift to tighten the tissue between the nasolabial fold and the eyes.

Neck Lift

A neck lift is a surgical procedure to tighten the tissue and skin of the neck to eliminate lines, wrinkles, and folds.

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Facial Fat Transfer

In a facial fat transfer, a patient’s own fat is prepared and utilized as a dermal filler to restore lost volume to the face.

Lip Surgery

Lip surgery refers to any of a number of surgical procedures to correct asymmetry and improve the appearance of the lips.

Nose Job/Rhinoplasty

A nose job, or rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure that improves the size, shape, and symmetry of the nose.

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Brow Lift

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is a surgery that repositions a low or sagging brow and tightens the skin on the forehead.

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Eyelid Surgery/Blepharoplasty

Also known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery can reverse signs of aging around the eyes, restoring a rested, youthful appearance.

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Asian Eyelid Surgery

Asian eyelid surgery is a procedure that creates or refines the appearance of a pretarsal crease in the upper eyelids.

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Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation refers to any of a number of surgical and minimally-invasive procedures to increase the size of the lips.

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Chin Surgery

Chin surgery, or mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure performed to alter the size or shape of the chin in order to improve facial proportion.

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Cheek Implant

Cheek implants are surgically inserts that increase the prominence of the cheekbones and create a more flattering facial contour.

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Ear Surgery/Otoplasty

Ear surgery, or otoplasty, is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the ear by altering its shape or position in relation to the rest of the face.

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