CO2 Laser

What is CO2 Laser?

The carbon dioxide CO2 Laser is used for skin resurfacing and the removal of deep wrinkles and lines in the face. It works by directing scattered light beams to the deeper layers of the face. As a result, the damaged skin is removed by layers, and as it heals, the regeneration process of the skin is stimulated to allow healthier skin to appear. The CO2 Laser also reduces heat damage to the skin.

Benefits of CO2 Laser

This process is a way to restore the skin to a younger appearance by removing wrinkles, facial scars and uneven and blotchy pigmentation. The CO2 Laser can also help with photo damage, precancerous areas on the face and other types of lesions. It can take years of damage off of a person’s face and greatly improve the appearance of the skin. The facial skin will appear tighter, firmer and smoother after a treatment. Even skin color may be improved.

CO2 Laser FAQ

What is the Recovery Time of CO2 Laser?

With a CO2 Laser treatment, the recovery time is approximately two weeks, though redness can last for up to four months. Swelling can last anywhere from a number of days until three weeks. Treated areas on the face will need dressings because of weeping and oozing until the skin begins to heal.

Do I need Anesthesia for CO2 Laser?

When only certain areas of the face are being treated, local anesthesia by injection will be used. If the entire face is being treated, then general or intravenous anesthesia is most often used to reduce discomfort for the patient.

Is CO2 Laser Safe?

CO2 Laser treatments are safe when performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. As with any type of medical procedure, there is the possibility of side effects. The doctor will always discuss any possible risks with his patients before the procedure.

Do I need to Prepare for CO2 Laser?

To prepare the facial skin for treatment, there are certain requirements that the patient needs to fulfill. The doctor will provide specific agents that are to be used on the face, such as glycolic acid and bleaching agents. These preparations will be used for six weeks before the treatment and will minimize the chance of discoloration and put the skin in a better condition for healing.

How Long Does CO2 Laser Last?

If further treatments are required, there should be a wait of at least six months before the next procedure is performed.

The results of CO2 Laser treatments can last ten years or longer. Some individuals may even experience permanent results, especially if good skin care is practiced throughout the patient’s lifetime.

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