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Aging would be a lot easier if it wasn’t visible. Unfortunately, with the increasing years, so come the noticeable little signs of aging on our faces and bodies. One of the most bothersome signs of aging is volume loss in the mid face which occurs in varying degrees of severity. We want an instant and easy fix for this problem and it is now available.

The latest and greatest solution is Juvederm Voluma XC, an injectable that is the first and only filler FDA-approved for the cheek area. Giving you a subtle lift and volume where you need it, Voluma helps to restore a more youthful appearance.


 So, what is it exactly?

Voluma XC is made of Hylauronic Acid (HA), a complex sugar naturally produced by the body that provides elasticity to the skin and volume to the face. As we age, the HA we once had diminishes slowly causing sagging and hollowing. This gel filler is injected where needed to mimic the HA that was once there before. HA can also be dissolved with a little injection after the procedure just in case you need a correction, making it perfect for first time filler users.

 The Voluma XC Advantage

Another plus about this product is that with the right treatment, it can last for up to 2 years! Voluma lasts twice as long as other fillers because of the way the complex sugar molecules are cross linked, a unique process that prevents quick degeneration of the product.

Am I a good candidate for Voluma XC ?

Virtually anyone who is experiencing volume loss or under defined cheekbones is a great candidate for Voluma XC.  Voluma XC is a great alternative for patients who are not appropriate candidates for more invasive procedures such as a mid face lift or facial fat-transfer surgery. You go in and walk out rejuvenated and restored, giving you the natural ‘no one will know, everyone will notice’ look.

Getting older is a fine and a natural part of life, but looking older is not something you have to welcome with open arms- Juvederm Voluma XC can help.

Doctor Vallecillos is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills, California, and is a senior faculty member for Palette Resources, having trained more than 800 physicians and medical professionals in advanced injectable techniques.   He is considered an expert in advanced injectables, including Botox, Juvederm XC, and Voluma XC.

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