Five real tips about plastic surgery



I. Plastic Surgery is about one person: YOU. It is a decision you make about your body, about your life. You make the choice to change things about yourself that you’re not comfortable with.

Whether you were born with a feature that you’ve never been thrilled about, you are stuck with genetics that are not in your favor, or you’ve been in an accident that leaves you with scars you’d rather not explain every time someone sees them-  No matter what you want to change about yourself, make sure you are the only one steering you to plastic surgery.

II. ‘Perfection’ does not exist. Doctor Vallecillos will stress this when you meet for consultations, and when you ask questions about the results. No one can promise utter perfection because it does not exist and is not realistic. They can promise improvement. They can promise change. They can promise satisfaction. As long as you go into your reconstructive journey knowing that the only thing the doctor can do is enhance your natural beauty. Erase the word perfection from your vocabulary and you’re set up for happiness with your results.

III. You wont look like anyone else- you’ll still look like you. You should not have expectations to walk out of the office with Jennifer Aniston’s exact cheek bones, or Angelina’s exact lips. If the size, volume, or look you’re going for is inspired by a celeb; by all means share that with your doctor. But, you have to understand you will not become their long lost twin, and people won’t suddenly mistake you for them.

IV. Give the results time to set in. After having an operation or procedure- there will be down time. You will not see the end result over night. If you have a certain date or event that you are getting ready for, plan accordingly and give your body enough time to heal. Follow the doctor’s recommendations about what you can do to heal quickly and get the best results from your treatment.

V. Do not neglect your results after your procedure. Take care of your body even after you’ve had a treatment done. If you have had liposuction, continue to do regular exercise and eat a balanced diet.

If you’ve had a facial procedure, continue to enhance and take care of your results with the right skin care and SPF. You put money and time into yourself- to be sure the results last you as long as they should, you should continue to put time and effort into maintenance.

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