Acne Laser Treatment


What is Acne Laser Treatment?

Acne Laser treatment uses the newest technology to reduce the effect of acne outbreaks on the skin. Two types of lasers are currently being used in acne laser treatment. The first is a pulsed-dye laser which works helps significantly after the very first treatment. The second type of laser commonly used in the treatment of acne is an infrared laser which works beneath the skin’s surface to reduce sebum production. This treatment is done on an outpatient basis.

Benefits of Acne Laser Treatment

After one to three treatments with a laser, acne pustules begin to decrease dramatically. Studies have shown that laser treatment can reduce the number of pimples over eighty percent after the first three laser sessions. Patients usually had completely clear skin after five acne laser treatments. An added benefit to acne laser treatment is that the supporting collagen is strengthened, and as new skin cells develop to repair those destroyed by the laser, the skin surface becomes softer and smoother. A reduction in the appearance of old acne scars is also a common result of acne laser treatment.

Acne Laser Treatment FAQ

What is the Recovery Time of Acne Laser Treatment?

When the physician uses a pulsed-dye laser for light acne, the patient has little discomfort, and no recovery time is necessary. When an infrared laser is used, patients have some reddening of the skin and a bit of swelling, but this is a short term reaction. Cool compresses may help, and doctors can provide a soothing gel if needed. Patients should protect the treated area from the rays of the sun by using sunscreen religiously.

Do I need Anesthesia for Acne Laser Treatment?

A local numbing agent or ointment may be applied before and after acne laser treatments to prevent severe discomfort.

Acne laser treatment has a great safety record. While particularly sensitive skin may react with more tenderness and burning, patients rarely have side effects of any kind from these procedures.

Is Acne Laser Treatment Safe?

Any skin discoloration, swelling, or soreness should disappear within the first few days after treatment.

Patients should not take antibiotics which cause photosensitivity in the weeks before acne laser treatment, but some doctors ask their patients to take over-the-counter pain reducers before their laser session. Most doctors prefer that patients not expose their face to the sun for several days before acne laser treatment.

Do I need to Prepare for Acne Laser Treatment?

Further acne laser treatments may be needed to kill bacteria that develop after the first remission of acne is achieved. Because sebum is continuously produced by the glands, the acne may flare up again in the future.

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