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Ruptured Breast Implant Overview

While breast implants are generally very durable, they can under rare circumstances, rupture either due to trauma from impact or from mechanical defects.  In cases involving saline implants, the patient may notice one breast becoming acutely smaller than the other. Conversely, and with the advent of cohesive gel implants, the patient may not notice any change in breast volume and often times, a confirming study such as an MRI is necessary to make the diagnosis of a ruptured silicone implant.



MRI demonstrating a ruptured silicone gel implant


Procedure Walk-Through

When a diagnosis of a ruptured implant is established, the typical course of treatment is to remove and replace the damaged breast implant.  This is generally performed through the initial surgical incision. Recovery time is typically negligible, with most people returning to their normal daily routines the following day, assuming no additional procedures are required.


Ruptured Breast Implant FAQs


Who should undergo ruptured breast implant surgery?

Patients who have incurred a ruptured implant may be candidates for surgical exchange.  If the implant is saline, the timing to replace it is less imminent than that of silicone implant.  Silicone implants, especially older generation implants which lacked a “cohesive” nature, may leach into the surround breast tissue causing scarring, pain and other issues.  Generally speaking, if the initial breast surgery has occurred at least 4-6 months prior to the rupture event, the breast capsule formed will typically be well formed enough to contain any ruptured silicone; however under extreme traumatic circumstance, the capsule may be ruptured as well, necessitating more immediate implant gel implant removal.

What are the benefits of ruptured implant exchange surgery?

The primary benefit of the surgery is to re-attain symmetry and, of course, to avoid the the dangers of a ruptured silicone gel implant.

Can ruptured implant surgery be avoided?

Replacing a ruptured saline implant is not necessary from a safety standpoint, although there will be marked asymmetry between the breasts.  Additionally, allowing a prolonged time to elapse between implant rupture and replacement may cause breast soft-tissue contraction with subsequent newfound asymmetry once the implant is finally replaced.  Ruptured silicone gel implants are best removed in order to avoid associated risks.

Why choose Dr. Vallecillos for ruptured implant surgery?

Dr. Vallecillos is a Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast revision surgery including ruptured implant exchange surgery. Call our offices today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vallecillos.


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